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Take advantage of additional discounts, attract new customers, prompt your present customers to return to your store, and acquire a higher margin on the sale of advertised products.

Thanks to the ECC Platform and the Coupons for You program, we will provide your clients with a more personalized promotional offer based on their individual shopping preferences.


The constantly changing customers’ needs and the dynamic retail market mean that there are many challenges that salesmen face.


Making use of the possibilities of the ECC Transaction Platform, we have created a Coupon Program for retail stores and chemists, Coupons for you. Thanks to this program, store owners have access to interesting personalized discounts, increasing sales and profitability of promotional activities.

1A large number of in-store promotions are not suited to customers’ needs

Our solution monitors customer purchases in real time and prints the best coupon discounts for your customers directly in the store.

2A low or lack of margin in the case of the sale of discounted products

We return the value of the discount for the coupons used by customers. The store does not lose any margin or turnover.

3A large number of documents settling promotions

The store does not have to make any settlements. The number and value of settled coupons (the value of the refund for the coupons used by customers) is available online in real time. Money, settling all customers' coupons, goes to the store's account after the end of the month.

4No tool for intelligent loyalty and attracting customers to a store

Because we monitor customer purchases, we know which promotion (discount coupons) to offer them. Upon leaving the store, customers have attractive discount coupons to be used for their next purchase. The coupon for these customers is equal to cash. They will pay for the products indicated on the coupon and at the same time, save money

5In our Sales Network, we do not have a system to manage promotional campaigns in the network of our franchise posts

The ECC platform enables the sales networks' headquarters to create, execute, settle and report the results of promotional campaigns (advertisers, shelves, coupons) from all stores on the web in one tool without incurring the costs of its production.


additional promotional budget

extra money from manufacturers to support the sale of products

an increase in customer loyalty

38% of customers who receive a discount coupon return to the store only for the product indicated on the coupon

a refund for cashed coupons

the costs of discounts for used coupons are returned to the store’s account

an increase in sales

The average increase in sales of “couponed” products is 90%

Increasing the number of purchased products

Customers using coupons buy an average of 1 product more

quick settlement

after the end of the month, the refund is ready for all used coupons

Over 1300 stores
have joined the program

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