Based on real sales data, select the store you want to support your product sales. Also, choose the customers who you want to give the discount coupon to in order to buy your products. Control everything online and pay for the effect, i.e. the increase in sales, keeping track of the full linkage of costs and sales.


Changes in the structure of the retail market mean that there are many challenges faced by the producers of FMCG goods. 


By using the possibilities of the ECC Transaction Platform, we have created a Coupon Program for retail stores and chemists, Coupons for you. Thanks to this program, the manufacturer fully manages the online sale of its products in stationary stores that have joined the Program.

1How do I get customers to try my product and prove to the store owner that it is worth having on the shelf?

Our coupon system is nothing other than a recommendation system that encourages customers to try/buy your product at a lower price. You decide which customer you want to dedicate such a coupon to.

2On the retail market, there is no way to link directly spent marketing measures to sales

Thanks to the fact that we use discount coupons with bar codes, our ECC Platform monitors every transaction made using the coupon. Each used coupon is the sale of your product and the cost associated with this sale.

3We often spend money on promotions without being certain that it will bring results

With our services, the fee only appears if the coupon sells your product. We settle using the productivity model.

4There is no tool for monitoring promotional campaigns in many stores / regions from one place

Our ECC Platform monitors the course and effect of commissioned promotional campaigns. After logging into our Platform, each manufacturer can check the effects of their promotions in real time. They can see the amount of their product sales, generated due to the coupons

5There is no tool that, when monitoring customer shopping, will react in real time by suggesting they purchase my product

Because we monitor customer purchases and what products they buy, we know which promotions (discount coupons) to offer them. Upon leaving the store, customers have attractive discount coupons to use for the purchase of your products on following purchases. The coupon is cash for them, which they will use to pay for the products indicated on the coupon, simultaneously saving money.

6We do not directly know what effects are brought by marketing budgets spent on individual media. We can not determine which of these are effective and bring the expected results

We measure effects. We will inform you from which medium we issue your discount coupon, most customers used this specific coupon in stores.

7We would like to dedicate the budget only where it is necessary

Based on the sales data we have at our disposal, select the stores / regions where your action is needed due to your market position or your competitor's activity.

8How to respond to market changes and competition from day to day?

Today you will commission a promotional campaign, and tomorrow in the stores of your choice, for selected customers, discount coupons will be printed to support the sale of your products.

9Accounting for many promotional activities, especially sell-outs in many independent stores, equals a pile of documents

For all promotional campaigns in a given month, in thousands of stores, you will settle your accounts with us giving only two financial documents. All settlements with shops will be done for you by our ECC Transaction Platform.


sales data from stores in real time

we analyse the real position of a given producer’s products

full control over the promotional budget

you know the cost of reselling your products from the store

a fee for only the goods sold

you pay us when the consumer buys your product

knowledge about the sale of products and the effects of promotional activities

we collect full sales data from stores that we use for wise sales support

reducing the cost of organizing a promotional campaign

pay for the increase in sales, not the organization of shares

the possibility to flexibly manage the range of the coupon campaign

you decide on the basis of the sales data and which stores you want to support for the sale of your products