Check-out couponing

This is technology that allows you to print discount coupons directly in the store for selected customers based on the products they buy in real time.

The ECC platform analyses customer purchases in real time, and the coupon is printed when the pre-determined condition is met by the manufacturer or trade network, e.g.:

  • there is a specific product among purchased products (e.g. body lotion)
  • among the products purchased is a product or group of products of a given manufacturer or competitor
  • among the products purchased is a certain category of products (e.g. toothpaste)
  • a certain number of products is purchased

Checkout couponing supports the implementation of the following aims of the manufacturer and/or store:

  • increasing customer loyalty towards a store or product
  • increasing the frequency of visits to the store
  • increasing the value and amount of sales of a specific product or category
  • attracting valuable clients
  • targeting sales to specific product categories