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Increase the loyalty and frequency of your clients visits, as well as the value of their purchases.


Additional promotional budget

An increase in customer loyalty

The refund for cashed coupons

Support the promotion and sale of your products using a productivity model – for the sold product.


Real sales data from stores in real time

Full control over the promotional budget

Success fee (sale)

Use your advertising space to present printed and online coupons, or earn money in a productivity model.


Additional income

Full control of coupon usage in offline stores

Offline and online productivity model

Check-out Couponing

Coupons printed at the cash register

A discount coupon after every purchase

The ECC platform analyses products purchased by the customer in real-time. If there are products covered by the discount rule, a discount coupon will be printed for use in subsequent purchases in the store.

his type of discount particularly supports building loyalty among customers.



The ECC transaction platform

A system for settling coupon transactions

A safe settlement of the coupon campaign

The settlement of the coupon consists of the confirmation by the ECC transaction platform of the purchase by a customer in a given store of the product indicated on the coupon, and at the same time confirming the use of such a coupon. The system verifies the information in real time from the cash register and if the conditions of the discount have been met, it settles the coupon simultaneously reporting the whole process. The data is used to transfer cash from a settled coupon from the manufacturer to the customer in the store.



Online couponing

Coupons on the internet

The distribution of coupons on the Internet

In order to fully control the marketing budget, you can, by using the discount coupon link the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the Internet by using a coupon in a traditional store. This is thanks to the ECC transaction platform. The platform will confirm the use of the coupon in the store and relate it to the website from which the customer downloaded the coupon.

We support both the manufacturers and retail chains in the effective sale of B2C products and services.



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