Electronic Coupon Clearing

Barcode scanning

The ECC (Electronic Coupon Clearing) allows for the synchronization of purchase information (of transactions where discount coupons were used) between the supplier (producer) and the store (retail chain).

The platform allows for automatic input of discount coupon (promotion) conditions into the cash register system of the retail chain (this process is fully controlled and accepted by the retail chain) and for the subsequent clearing of product sales realized with the use of discount coupons.

The producer has the access to the full registry of the sales of his products generated with the use of discount coupons, divided into respective coupon distribution channels.

The ECC platform can be leveraged by retail chains with a uniform cash register system, as well as by franchise-based chains, where franchisees use their separate cash register systems.

Synchronization of the information between retail chains and hundreds of producers allows for transparency and security of each transaction carried out with the use of discount coupons.



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