Check-out Couponing

Smiling woman paying for coffee by credit card

Check-out Couponing is a technology that allows discount coupons to be printed directly with the receipt or through the use of an additional device.


The coupon is printed only when a specific condition set by the producer or retail chain occurs, e.g.:

  • a specific product appears on the receipt (e.g. body lotion)
  • a group of goods made by one producer appears (e.g. Nivea) on the receipt
  • a specific group of products appears on the receipt (e.g. toothpastes)
  • overall purchase value is greater than e.g. $25
  • a specific amount of products appears on the receipt

Check-out couponings supports the fulfillment of following business goals:

  • increased consumer loyalty
  • increased shopping frequency
  • increased value of purchase
  • attracting valuable customers
  • leading consumers towards purchasing high-margin products


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