Retail chains

We support sales boosting through the use of producer’s discount coupons. The retail chain does not bear the costs of the discount shown on the producer’s coupon, and the value of the discount is returned to the retail chain’s account.

In order to clear transactions using discount coupons, we deliver solutions for electronic synchronization of sales informations between the supplier (producer) and the store (retail chain) through the use of the Electronic Coupon Clearing (ECC) platform.

The synchronization of information between retail chains and hundreds of producers allows for the transparency and security of each transaction carried out using discount coupons.

We also deliver tools for emission and clearing of the retail chain’s own discount coupons (Check-out-couponing).

We encourage retailers to join our coupons program Kupony dla Ciebie, where the manufacturer can print and settle discount coupons for their products in stores/retail chains, which joined the program.  More info on


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