At the request of producers, we support the sales of their products through the emission of their producer’s discount coupons in various media channels. We use all offline and online channels of distribution, as well as coupons printed directly with receipts (Check-out-couponing).

The use of discount coupons serves the purpose of boosting products sales in an effectivity model – which means that the producer pays the discount mainly when the sales of his products occurs, and not e.g. for campaigns informing about the promotion.

We also deliver discount coupon as:

  • guaranteed prizes in contests organized by producers
  • prizes in loyalty programs

The possibility of coupon redemption with the purchase of promotional products is valid for all types of stores: traditional stores, retail chains and online stores.

By leveraging the Check-out-couponing technology, it’s the producer who decides when his coupon will be printed with the receipt.

We are using the Electronic Coupon Clearing (ECC) technology for establishing and clearing our coupon campaigns. In recent years, this technology has been used by retail chains in Western Europe, such as Carrefour, Kaufland, Lidl, Edeka, Familia, Real and many others.

Our ECC technology allows the producer to clear and monitor the use of discount coupons and accompanying sales in real time, also in franchise-based retail chains.

Thanks to the ECC platform, the process of setting up and clearing of couponing campaigns is completely automated and secure.

On the basis of our technology, we have created the first independent coupons program Kupony dla Ciebie , where the manufacturer can print and settle discount coupons for their products in independent stores and franchise, which joined the program. More info on


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