About Us

Our goal is to support our clients in the sales of their products using the discount coupon. We specialize in boosting sales through the use of various communication channels, leveraging our technologies.

Storic is the first clearing house in Poland, delivering the technology for electronic coupon campaign clearing (ECC), enabling the necessary channels of discount coupon distribution and generating accounting reports needed for the correct settlement of transactions generated through the use of coupons.

We are also pioneers in the technological servicing of coupon campaigns realized in franchise-based retail chains that leverage internally diverse IT system structures.

Our experience also allows us to conduct non-standard sales and loyalty campaigns using our technological tools and discount coupons.


Storic Sp. z o.o.
Pl. Grzybowski 10 / 31
00-104 Warsaw, Poland
EU VAT: PL5213627518

Phone: +48 790 876 300
E-mail: kontakt@storic.pl